High Tech Interiors     Division of High Tech International

                      Custom Design , Installation, and Service of Commercial and Residential Electronic Systems



     Audio Systems - From XM羚nt> Satellite Background Music to full Concert Sound Systems

          Whole House Music Systems - Multi Zone control of all Audio Sources

      Video Systems - From Web Cameras to Plasma Video Wall Displays including Video Content Production

       Lighting Systems & Intelligent Lighting - Lutron羚nt> Designers for Commercial & Residential Applications

        Control 4羚nt>Automation Systems - Automate every aspect of your Home including HVAC and Shades   

         Remote Monitoring and Control - Web cams, Sensors, and Control from anywhere

          Digital Signage Systems - From a Single Plasma with a DVD player to a Thousand Screen Network

           System Programming - We'll make your System Do What You Want and Teach you How to Use it

            Custom Aircraft and Boat Systems - Custom Limousine and Motor Coach Systems

             Custom Electronic Design - Integration and Adaptation or Entirely New Products Developed

             David Karr - Designer

                    Go Green- Why a Smart Home is a Smart Idea

                Recent Projects - More Photos coming soon


                                                           17,000 Square Foot Log Home in Lehigh Valley PA




                              We are Dealers for SunBrite TV

                  The Amazing OUTDOOR TELEVISION!

                                               Yes, that is a Sprinkler Showering the TV!

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                              Checkout Intelligent Lighting and Effects





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