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"You start with a light switch and people understand that you are bringing something to the home when they can see that they can control the home's lights from the bed, from a couch," Mr. Cohen said. "They go, 'wow.'"

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Universal Remote Controls



Lighting Control


HVAC Control


Automated Window Shades and Skylights


As a complete supplier of motorized and automated window treatments,

LUTRON now has standard and proprietary product to suit virtually any commercial or residential application.

In addition, LUTRON's acknowledged leadership in the manufacture and sales of solar shading systems and

window treatment automation well positions the organization to exploit the trend to 'smart homes' technology.


Sivoia QEDTM

     Quiet Electronic Drive
     Roller Shades, Roman Shades and Draperies

      Performance Specifications



VIMCO's Motorized SkyShades feature Somfy?'s FTS Dual Motor System to allow convenient control of light from a normally inaccessible skylight. Incorporating either sun-filtering or light-blocking fabrics, SkyShades provide flexibility to control and incorporate natural light from above into design.



    Elegantly, softly-pleated shades accent residential and hospitality spaces, while filtering heat, UV rays, and glare.

The batten design of this treatment allows Roman Shades to span large openings, typically found in sun rooms or living areas.

Our fabrics are woven in widths up to 98" in symmetrical basket weave, making them pleasing to look through and efficient for UV protection. 





Exterior SunShades are exterior movable shades that control glare and conserve energy while adding architectural detail.

Top quality exterior movable solar shades provide superior protection from heat and glare, improving comfort and

preserving interior furnishings while retaining outward visibility. Aluminum side channels or a cable guide system securely guide the hem bar.

The shading fabric rides free of the guide system. Operation may include gear (with hand crank) or a wide range of motorization options.



Home Automation

The beauty of home automation is that your options are virtually unlimited. The challenge is deciding just how far you want to go.

What is Home Automation?

A Basic Definition
For some it may be something as simple as remote or automatic control of a few lights. For others, security may be the central application. Still others may choose to install advanced controllers using motion detectors, biometric door locks or voice recognition. As a very basic definition, we tend to refer to home automation as anything that gives you remote or automatic control of things around the home.

Adding home automation to an existing home is surprisingly affordable and simple. The average product costs less than $100 and requires no new wires.

We at Ennoble Design think that home automation should be what you want it to be. Whatever your automation project might be, we're confident that using it will make life around the home more convenient, safe and fun!

What Can I Control?

Probably the most popular control category and a great way to get involved with home automation. Starter kits begin at $30 or so and are plug-and-play easy to install. Dim fixtures you could never dim before, control them from anywhere in the house (or world via the Internet).

Security Systems & Access Control
Have your home call you and/or loved ones if there is an alert status. You can save money on security monitoring services or even monitor for non-traditional security events like water in the laundry room or basement. Additionally, Smarthome products include devices which will allow you to unlock the front door to let friends in or close the garage door from your office via the web.

Home Theater & Entertainment
Just imagine replacing that pile of remotes with just one controller. Now, imagine not having to know all 10 steps to starting up your home theater - just press the HBO icon and your home automation products/system will do the rest. Built-in speakers are especially popular with homeowners as they provide beautiful sound throughout the house while adding no clutter whatsoever.

Phone Systems
Phone systems which are usually used for small business applications are surprisingly convenient in the home. With caller ID and a home automation controller you can even screen your calls for only those you wish to cause your phone to ring. Voice control software turns every phone in your home into a remote controller. How would you like for your vacuum cleaner to turn off when your telephone rings?

Remote control thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature from bed at night or even from a cell phone while on your way home (or to your 2nd home!). They can even trigger a notice to you if the temperature gets too low (freezing pipes) or too high (pets, plants, etc.).

Have your sprinklers turn on only when it's dry. Some of our customers even turn the sprinklers on when there's motion in the yard at unwanted times - imagine someone trying to explain the wet clothes to the police.

Home automation can be accomplished using various types of connectivity like your computer network or the internet. Your home computer can even be set up as a voice activated control station with complete interactivity.

...and Almost Anything Else You Can Imagine

What's great is that many of today's home automation products need no new wires - so they are perfect to retrofit into an existing home. But if you are building new home, or doing a major remodel, please consider adding networking, audio, video and control wiring while it is easy and relatively inexpensive, later on you'll be happy you did




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